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4 Places to visit when in Canberra, Australia

If you were able to read my previous blog 12 Places to Visit When in New South Wales, you will notice that this is actually just a continuation of my month-long Australia Tour. I didn’t want that blog to be too long because honestly, nobody wants to read a “novel” from a blog site. So, I made another article focusing on my visit to the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra.

Majority of people I know answered “Sydney” when asked about the capital of Australia. Honestly, I used to think Sydney was the capital too during my high school days. Since Sydney is more popular than Canberra, many people around the world assumed that it is the capital. If you are one of those people, then you are normal.

Although Sydney attracts most tourists, there are places in Canberra that you shouldn’t miss visiting when in Australia.

1.The Parliament House of Australia. This Billion-Australian-Dollar house is where the parliament of Australia holds its meetings. It contains 4,700 rooms and most are open to public viewing. I was amazed by elegant decoration and rich colors especially in the hallway where a huge painting of Queen Elizabeth was hanging on the wall.



2. The Royal Mint Australia. This is an industrial facility that manufactures Australian coins. There are three other mints in the country but The Royal Mint is the first mint in Australia to be a branch of the Royal Mint in London. We have visited their museum and learned a thing or two about coin minting so people can use it as a currency.



3. Telstra Tower. Telstra is the biggest telecommunication provider in Australia, it is one of the reasons why its tower located 640 feet above the summit of Black Mountain became iconic. Tourist can roam around its indoor and outdoor observation deck. There are also gift shops and cafe inside. Just like Sydney Tower, it also has a revolving restaurant although it is a bit more pricey.



4. Cockington Green Gardens is a garden of miniatures. Sounds cute, right? Well the place is literally the cutest place ever! Okay, maybe I was exaggerating but still, I believe this is my favorite place in Canberra. It was lovely to see the miniature of Stone Hedge, The Treasury at Petra, mini pink car, mini houses, and so many mini people. 🙂



Have you visited Australia or are you planning to visit soon? I’d be glad to share experiences and expectations in the comments section. Talk to you, guys soon!


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