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5 Tips for your next Taiwan getaway!

Had been to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau but still can’t get enough of China? Well, I’ve got great news for you!

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is extending the visa-free entry until July 31, 2019 for citizens of the Philippines, Brunei and Thailand. You read it right, guys! Plenty of time to save up! If you’re longing to have that Japan-like experience but worries too much about being denied a visa, Taiwan is your best bet.

Getting all excited already? I can feel you. I’ve had the opportunity to visit this amazing country early this year with my travel “Beshies” and regardless of our expectations, we literally had so much fun.

Now, let me give you some tips on how to plan a 4D3N DIY trip to Taipei & Jiufen which are the main tourist areas of Taiwan.

Tip # 1: Stand-by for promo flights. They are probably going to be red-eye flights but you can snatch a round-trip ticket for as low as Php 4,177 which is not bad at all. We got ours from Cebu Pacific 8 months before the travel date. That’s more than enough prep time.

Tip #2: Download the Klook App. DIY trips can give you more flexibility than being on a guided tour so go and try to explore Taiwan on your own. This app will show you the attractions and activities near you and gives big discounts on ticket prices! Also, you can book Wifi and transportation tickets in advance. What’s not to like? Download and sign up with Klook here.

Tip #3: Book accommodations through Airbnb. Why spend so much on expensive hotels when you won’t really stay indoors most the time? What you need is a decent and safe place to leave your luggage and somewhere to sleep in at night. Airbnb got you covered on that! Stay close to Taipei Main Station as long as possible. Search for available rooms here.

Tip #4: Make Google Maps your best friend. People in Taiwan are friendly and kind but they don’t speak English as much as we do so let’s not make them feel bad about themselves and avoid having them explain directions. If you were able to rent a wifi device via Klook, then that’s great. But if you are too frugal to get yourself one, then at least download the offline map of Taiwan using Maps.Me before you go.

Tip #5: Make your stay worthwhile by prioritizing top places to visit. There are so many little things to see in Taiwan that will tempt you to deviate from your itinerary. Don’t even think about saying “just a minute” because time will never be enough. Just don’t…or maybe you can go… for just a minute.  🙂

BONUS: Article addition

Here are some of our favorite places in Taiwan that you may want to see as well.

Maokong Gondola Cable Car
Taipei 101
Taipei 101
CKS Memorial Hall
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
National Palace Museum
Pingxi Old Street
Jiufen Old Street

It’s not in the pictures but we also visited three different night markets. Our conclusion is that Shilin Night Market has the best Bubble Milk Tea…ever! Look for Sugar Queen Stand (they should be everywhere) and experience some legit milk tea experience. The best street foods can also be found here.

Raohe Night Market, on the other hand, is the most lively and hyped night market we’ve ever been. It has an impressive entrance, complete with golden dragons and temples just like what you see in most Chinese movies and it houses the much-awaited pasalubong/souvenir treats for your loved ones back at home.

Ningxia Night Market, the last market we’ve been to in our last night in Taiwan is more tamed and is not as big as the first two but amazing food stands can also be found here. Just perfect for our impending Taiwan sepanx. 🙁


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